Jon S. Greenlaw


Jon grew up in northern Maine where he developed an early, pre-teen interest in birds. In his high school years in the late 1950s, he completed bird surveys and was a field research assistant for the Maine Forest Service on an aquatic insect study during a spruce budworm outbreak in the Maine north woods.

His undergraduate work was in Zoology at the University of Maine (Orono), where he earned a B.A. degree in 1963. He continued his academic work by entering a doctoral program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. He obtained his Ph.D. in bio-ecology, animal behavior, and ornithology in 1969, and accepted a teaching appointment in Biology that same year at Long Island University, C. W. Post Campus, Brookville, NY.

While at that university, he developed courses in ecology, ethology, and ornithology, and helped develop an Environmental Studies Program there. He and a colleague undertook a research program with funding from the National Science Foundation, focusing on the behavioral ecology of sharp-tailed sparrows and Seaside Sparrows. Jon retired as Professor of Biology at LIU in 1994, and moved to Florida to continue his research work. He collaborated with Glen Woolfenden at Archbold Biological Station, where they worked on the wintering distribution of sharp-tailed sparrows, and began a revision of Robertson and Woolfenden’s Florida Bird Species. This revision is nearing completion, with the help of Reed Bowman and Bill Pranty following Glen’s death. A second book on the Birds of Northern Maine: Status, Habitat Occupancy, and Landscape Use is in manuscript form.

Jon is also on the Florida Ornithological Society Records Committee and was its former Secretary. He currently serves on the FOS Board of Directors. His background in professional ornithology is underlain by a continuing passionate birding interest that has extended to travel throughout the Americas and to southern Africa.

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