David Simpson


David was born and raised in Brevard County Florida. With mentors like Helen Cruickshank and Johnnie Johnson and over 36 years in the field, it’s no wonder that he has become one of Florida’s premier birders.

David has been leading birding tours in Florida for over 30 years, starting as a teenager leading field trips for his local Audubon chapter. He has led many Dry Tortugas and South Florida birding tours.

He led tours for 12 years as a state park-ranger, and for as many years for the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival. And, he’s done private guiding throughout the state for years. He was for many years a Florida eBird reviewer and is currently a regional coordinator for the ongoing Florida Breeding Bird Atlas II Project.

David is without a doubt the most fanatical lister in Florida. Here are his ABA birding records:

1. Florida life list: sixth place with 467 species

2. Florida Big Year: second place with 365 species

3. Florida Big Day: second place, (with Andy Bankert) with 185 species in 2009, and he has 6 of the top 11 Florida Big Day counts

4. Florida Big Day by month: 11 months!!

5. At least 150 species recorded in all 67 Florida counties.

These records are a testament to David’s unrelenting tenacity, and illustrate his vast experience throughout the state. They also qualify his wife Dee for sainthood!

Cell: 407-376-6967     Email: infofloridanaturetours@gmail.com

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